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Hola,no se quien soy,ni quiero ser..pero si se donde quiero estar jajajaja,me llamo karen,tengo una gemela,me gustan los gatos,en especial negros de ojos claros,es como tener una pantera en bebe,me gusta las manualidades y hacer prendas,que me tomen fotos,aveces leer,soy tímida(ajaaaaa),me gusta hacer amigos,soy muy tierna,me encanta hacer reir a la gente,muy graciosa por mas triste que este, colores favoritos:rosa,verde y ya eso esto es todo,fin.

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I feel a certain neutrality emptiness right now. Opening a cigarette pack for the first time, seeing the way the packet works, how they’re all lined up, pulling out a cigarette out… I could get addicted to that.
Time to go down to where it’s overgrown. In plaid shirt and messy braids. It’ll be OK. I ran the back of my hand along a brick wall on my way out of the uni campus today and it bled hot, smearing across my skin. It’s so wonderful to be alone with the plants and all your tantrum thoughts.
I’m going to try to get over the fence and down by the reservoir where I think it’s always twilight. It’s so great to feel the wind blowing through your bones. The great thing about plaid shirts is that you always feel grubby. Both of my matches went out instantly. Today has been a faliure.